• Building Background Knowledge on the Holocaust
    This is a great video that gives an overview of how World War II began, and how that led to the Holocaust
    This link will take you to iconic photographs from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum 
    Primary Source - A letter written by Chaim Prinzental, a Jewish man living in Poland, to his two surviving sons:
    Primary Source - Nuremberg Laws
    Historical Fiction Book Club Choices
    Once       milkweed      daniels story
     the boy who dared                                                                                                                                                                            
    Book Club Resources 
    Unit Calendar - This calendar includes the dates for the book club discussions as well as due dates for all assignments related to this unit.
    Reading Notebook Choice Board - Choose one notebook entry from column A, B, & C to complete by May 22.  All entries should be based on your historical fiction book club book.
     Historical Fiction Writing - RAFT Resources
    Due Friday, May 30 
    All historical fiction writing pieces are being composed on Google Docs, which can be accessed anywhere: docs.google.com