• ***Submission Dates have changed to January 22nd and January 24th!*** 
    Notebook Entry Tutorials
    Comparing Texts Entry - Watch Mrs. Mankowski think aloud how to compare big ideas in two texts.  http://youtu.be/dfvQDyo6Iw0 
    Step 1: Date and title of the entry at the top.
    Step 2: Choose 2 books you have read (preferably this year) and list 4-5 big ideas you noticed in each one.
    Step 3: Circle one big idea that both of your texts have in common.
    Step 4: Fill the rest of the page by writing about how you saw the theme in each text, patterns you noticed, and any generalizations you can make.
    Comparing Texts   
    Comparing Texts Student Sample  
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    Close Reading Student Sample