• Debate - Fight with your Words!!!
    Does your argument have what it takes? 
     Argumentative Writing Continuum
    Where does your argument fall on the continuum? 
    ACW 1                 ACW 2
    A level 1 argument makes a claim,                   A level 2 argument makes a claim and 
    but does not  provide any reasons,                   attempts a reason. All reasons are  
    evidence, or  explanations.                                          opinion based, and do not suggest 
                                                                                              any research or evidence.
    AWC 3                AWC 4
    A level 3 argument makes a claim,          A level 4 argument includes all of the
    gives reasons with supporting                 elements of a level 3 argument, and
    evidence, and explanations of                 also provides a counter argument.
    the evidence.  The argument uses          The counter argument uses terms to 
    evidence based terms such as                anticipate the other side of the argument
    "According to" and "This shows."                (ex: Some people may say) as well as 
                                                                                                                      sentence starters to counter the
                                                                                                                     opposition (ex: However).