• Welcome to Mrs. Mankowski's and Ms. Kelly's Class!

    Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians,

    ​ I am so excited  to begin working with you in this rigorous 7th grade reading and writing workshop.

    The best chance a student has to succeed in high school and in college is to go in as a strong reader and writer.  As a Keansburg resident, I take this very seriously, and very personally.  Every Keansburg child should graduate with the skills necessary for college if that is the path they choose.  In addition, I aim for the students to see themselves as lifelong readers, writers, and seekers of knowledge, with passion and focus.  Your child must make the commitment to read, write, think, and speak every day in this class.


    I vow that each and every day I will:

    1.     stay focused on my goals, and support others in staying focused on theirs

    2.     read, write, think, and speak

    3.     know that my teachers have high expectations and work to meet them

    4.     respect our time, respect our space, and respect each other

    5.    NEVER allow myself or anyone else to get away with saying “I don’t know.”


    Our Year At A Glance


    Grade 7 ELA Scope and Sequence









    Speaking and Listening


    MP 1

    Launching the Reading Workshop (RW)



    Launching the Writers Workshop (WW)


    Narrative: Memoir (WW)


    QR Code Memoir Presentations

    MP 2

    Character (RW)


    Literary Essay (WW)


    Socratic Seminar

    MP 3

    Non-Fiction (RW)


    Feature Article (WW)




    Argumentative Writing (WW)







    MP 4

    Historical Fiction Book Club (RW)

    Historical Fiction RAFT (WW)


    Final Presentation – Why I Earned my Way into 8th Grade ELA

    1. Students are always reading a book.   Books are chosen by the students with support and guidance from the teachers, parents, and peers.
    2. Students read in class and at home every day to meet their individual goals.  As they read, they make 1-2 post-its in their book to keep track of their thinking.
    3. When students finish a book, they create a reading notebook entry to show they have completed and thought about the book.  Reading notebook entries are an entire category in the grade book.
    4.  Every marking period, the students reflect upon their reading and set new goals for themselves.   

    Homework – Students must read their independent reading book for 30 minutes each night. Each student has an individual reading goal (number of pages) to read each week. This is counted as a weekly grade. 

    Resubmissions – It is my policy that students may resubmit work for a higher grade ANY TIME BEFORE THE END OF A MARKING PERIOD. Poor grades show me that the student has either not put forth their best effort, or has not mastered the content. You and your child should be dissatisfied with C’s and D’s, and strive for A’s and B’s. 

    Supplies – I ask that you donate at least one of the following items to the class stockpile.  More is always welcome, and all of these items make great teacher gifts!

    ·         ***POST-IT NOTES***

    ·         Pens

    **POST-IT NOTES*** 
    Hand held pencil sharpeners
    **POST-IT NOTES***
    Index cards 

    Our Partnership – It is incredibly important to me that we communicate about your child’s progress. Below are the ways in which you can contact me, and keep abreast of what is happening in 7th grade English Language Arts:

    ·         Remind 101 – Click here for directions on how both you and your child can join my Remind 101 classroom. I will be using this resource frequently to send text and e-mail reminders about homework, assignments, and due dates. 

    ·         My School Webpage – Throughout each unit, I will post information about homework, assignments, due dates, and resources we use in class. This is especially helpful if your child is absent or is struggling with the current unit.

    o    www.keansburg.k12.nj.us

    o    Use the drop down arrow to select Joseph R. Bolger Middle School

    o    Click on Staff

    o    Click on Mankowski, Jessica for my webpage

    ·         Genesis – Please check Genesis at least once per week. I am REALLY GOOD about posting grades in a timely manner.

    ·         E-Mail – jmankowski@keansburg.k12.nj.us



    Magazines and Websites that Publish Student Writing:


    Online Games and Activities for Reading Interventions