• Feature Article Resources
    Titan C.A.T. Project Overview - This is an overview of the entire project, and includes the rubrics for how all phases will be graded.
     Google Docs
    Period 1: mankowskiperiod1@gmail.com
    Period 2: mankowskiperiod2@gmail.com
    Period 6: mankowskikelly@gmail.com 
    Crafting Body Paragraphs
     When writing a feature article, we actually write the body paragraphs first, and save the introduction and conclusions for last.
    Crafting Body Paragraphs
            Subheading Body Paragraphs
    Crafting Body Paragraphs - Watch Mrs. Mankowski think aloud how to craft body paragraphs for the subheadings in her feature article: http://youtu.be/D55qtVDTIOM
     Crafting Conclusions
    Text Features and Finalizing Your Feature Article 
    Text Feature