Bolger Middle School Mission Statement

  • Joseph R. Bolger Middle School’s mission is to employ highly qualified and continually educated professionals who are dedicated to providing diversified educational opportunities to all of our unique learners.  We expect to promote social, emotional, behavioral and academic growth that will allow all the members of our community to believe in, understand and realize goals.  Our students are the Titans of today and tomorrow.

Mission/Vision Statement

  • Mission

    The Keansburg School District shall graduate students with  educational opportunities in college and career readiness. All stakeholders will set rigorous expectations for all students in the classroom, co-curricular activities, attendance, tardiness, and discipline.



    The Keansburg School District shall prepare students for life's abundant opportunities in college or careers in a safe, rigorous, and nurturing educational environment. 

Non- Negotiable Belief Statement

Our Non- Negotiable Beliefs