• The Bolger Middle School Student Council  

    Here you will find all the information on our upcoming events, our constitution and bylaws, officers and updates to what we are working on for you. 



    We, the students of Joseph R Bolger Middle School, in order to form a more perfect learning environment, believe that:

    1. All students and staff, regardless of gender, religion, color or creed should have the opportunity to be involved in the schools Student Council.

    2. All participants in the Student Council should be responsible members of the Joseph R Bolger   

        Middle School Community.

    3. The Student Council should be based on democratic principles.

    4. All staff and students should work to create a safe and orderly learning environment.

    5. All students shall have certain rights and freedoms as guaranteed to them as students of the      


    Article 1

    Name of the Organization

    The Joseph R Bolger Middle School Student Council, shall hereafter be referred to as the JRBSC.

    Article 2

    Composition of the Student Government

    Section 1: The Representative Assembly is comprised of one representative from every homeroom. 

    Section 2: The Executive Board is comprised of elected and appointed officers/chairpersons. 

    Article 3

    Powers of the Student Government Association

    Section 1: The power of the Student Council is provided by the administration and Keansburg Board of Education. Within this authority, the JRBSC general assembly and executive aboard shall have the power to pass legislation in matters concerning the best interests of the student body. All actions of the Student Council are subject to the approval by the principal.

    Section 2: The administration, with student input will appoint a faculty advisor to the JRBSC. The advisors role is to direct and guide the actions of the JRBSC. He/she does not have voting rights. The student government advisor has the responsibility to:

    a) Provide guidance in all JRBSC sponsored activities

    b) Chaperone all JRBSC activities (and secure additional chaperones as needed)

    c) Excuse the absences of students who miss class because of student government activities

    Section 3: The General Assembly shall have all legislative powers. All expenditures of the JRBSC over and above thirty percent (30%) of the treasury must be authorized by the general assembly.

    Section 4: The Executive Board shall have all legislative powers save those superseded by the Constitution. The Executive Board has the responsibility to involve the general assembly in as many actions of the JRBSC as possible, because it is the representatives, therefore the general assembly, which expresses the voice of the total student body.

    Article 4

     Qualifications and Terms of Office

    Section 1: General Qualifications

    a) All officers and representatives must maintain a 2.0 grade point average or better. In addition, any student serving on a JRBSC must maintain a 2.0 grade point average.

    b) All officers and representatives shall exhibit exemplary behavior and academic ethics. If reservations about behavior or academic ethics are brought forth by faculty and staff, the administration shall make the final decision concerning the qualification of the candidate in question.

    c) All officers and representatives are expected to attend all general assemblies of the JRBSC. Additional meetings are required as specific to the positions listed below.

    Section 2: Specific Qualifications

    Officers - In addition to general assemblies, the executive board is expected to attend all executive board meetings. Officers will also attend committee meetings as assigned.

    1) President- the president shall be in 8th grade for the year of his/her service

    2) Vice Presidents -shall be in 7th/8th grade for the year of his/her service

    3) Treasurer- shall be in any grade for the year of his/her service

    4) Secretary- shall be in any grade for the year of his/her service

    5) There are no grade-level stipulations on appointed positions.

          b) Grade level Representatives - Representative must attend all general assemblies. Should 

              he or she not be able to attend, advanced notice must be given.

    1) Representatives are expected to participate in the planning and implementation of at 

        least one JRBSC activity.

    2) Representatives must report all actions of the JRBSC to his/her constituents and be   

        responsible for reporting to the JRBSC the concerns of his/her constituents.

    Section 3: Term of Office

    a) All spring elected/appointed JRBSC officers/chairman shall serve a one year term beginning the last day of school in June, until the last day of school in June the following year. (All elected/appointed JRBSC officers/chairman shall serve a one year term beginning immediately upon the announcement of the election results, until the last day of school in June the following year)

    b) Officers/chairman elected or appointed in the fall begin their term of office after election results/appointments are made, until the last day of school in June of that school year.

    c) Representatives shall serve a one-year term beginning immediately after their election in the fall, until the last day of school in June.

    Article 5

     Responsibilities and Duties

    Role of the Student Council:

    a) To create in cooperation with the Principal, staff and students, a better school life for the 

    student of our school.

    b) To provide students with opportunities of leadership and to develop in all students a 

    sense of responsibility.

    c) To encourage the students in the school to become more aware of how the school is run 

    and to constructively identify and express their needs.

    d) To contribute to overall school development by being involved in school policy 

    development ,and to be a resource in working in partnership with the management of the 


    e) To act as liaison where appropriate between the students and the teaching staff and 



    a) Shall execute and carry out the Constitution of Joseph R Bolger Middle School.

    b) Shall preside at all meetings of the General Assembly and the Executive Board.

    c) Shall represent the student body of Joseph R Bolger Middle School when called upon to 

      do so by the principal, JRBSC advisor, or other Keansburg administration.

    d) Shall appoint, with approval from the Executive Board, any desired chairpersons.

    e) Shall appoint, with the approval of the executive board, ad hoc committees as 


    f) Shall have the authority, with approval from the executive board, to call additional 

    meetings of the JRBSC.

    g) Shall promote interest and participation within the Student Council.

    Vice President:

    a) In case of president’s absence or inability to carry out his responsibilities, the vice-

    president will take charge and assume the responsibilities of the president.

    b) Shall assist the president as directed.

    c) Shall meet as least once a month with grade level resource/team leaders to discuss 

    concerns and issues relevant to the specific grade level.


    Shall be responsible for the record keeping concerning all student government     expenditures and income.

    b) Shall, at Representative Assembly Meetings, submit a report on the financial status of 

    the Student Council.

    c) Shall be responsible for preparing a budget for the Student Council.


    Shall be responsible for recording all minutes of the Student Council meetings. 

    b) Shall be responsible for copying and distributing all records of the Student Council to

    the Representative Assembly.

    c) Shall maintain all Student Government Association Records.

    d) Shall be responsible for all secretarial and clerical duties of the Student Council 

    e) Shall be responsible for all approved correspondence.


    a) Will share JRBSC news with their constituents.

    b) Shall bring issues to the general assembly that are of concern to his/her constituents.

    c) Will notify the alternative and JRBSC advisor is he/she is unable to attend a required 


    d) Will actively serve in the planning and implementation of at least one JRBSC activity.

    Article 6

    Elections and Appointments

    Section 1: Election/appointments of the Executive Board shall take place in April/May the spring before the year of service, unless a special election need be help in September/October.

    Section 2: Specific election guidelines will be reviewed in February and submitted to administration for approval. Candidates shall receive a copy of all election guidelines.

    Section 3: All election will be voted on my the whole of the student body.  Every student has the right to vote once per election cycle. 

    Section 4: Grade Level representatives will be voted on by only the member of that specific grade. (ie; 5th Grade Representative voted on by the whole of the 5th grade)

    Section 5: Any candidate receiving the most votes cast (popular vote) will win the election (all positions)

    Article 7


    Section 1: All meetings, as deemed appropriate, shall be conducted using Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.

    Section 2: The executive board shall meet a minimum of twice a month. 

    Section 3: The general assembly shall meet a minimum of once a month. 

    Section 4: Committees shall meet as needed.

    Article 8 

    Impeachment and Succession

    Section 1: Impeachment

    a) All officers (elected/appointed) and representatives shall be subject to impeachment for behavior deemed inappropriate by the administration.

    b) Out of School Suspension or expulsion from school requires automatic impeachment from any JRBSC position.

    c) A report card with lower than a 2.0 grade point average requires automatic impeachment from any JRBSC position.

    d) Missing 3 or more meetings, unexcused, shall be subject to impeachment proceedings.

    e) Any officers or representative who fails to carry out his/her duty in a responsible manner may have impeachment charges brought against him/her.

    f) Impeachment proceedings are defined in the bylaws.

    Section 2: Succession

    a) In case of the president’s permanent inability to serve, the JRBSC Vice President will assume all responsibilities of the office of president. The Vice President will be replaced following clause (b) below.

    b) In case of all other elected/appointed officer’s inability to serve, the president shall appoint from general applications or previous candidates, with approval from the executive board, a person to complete the term. The principal must confirm the appointment.

    c) When Representative vacancies occur, they will be filled by special election in the homeroom/or grade class where the vacancies exist.

    Article 9


    This constitution may be amended by two-thirds (2/3) of the legislative body.

    Article 10


    This Constitution shall be in effect when it is approved by the administration, then receives two-thirds (2/3) vote of the student body. 

    Article 11

    Finance and Fundraising

    An account has been opened in the name of the Student Council with the local bank.  The Student Council Treasurer will keep an up-to-date and accurate account of all money raised by the council and will provide a report to the council at the last council meeting of the year.  All expenses will be paid according to Keansburg District policy. 

    Bylaws to the Constitution

    Article 1


    Section 1: From Article 9, Section 1 in the Constitution, these are the proceedings to be implemented when charges are brought before an elected/appoint JRBSC officer/chairman/representative.

    a) Charges should be submitted in writing to the JRBSC advisor and principal. 

    b) The JRBSC advisor will inform the Executive Board and a committee of students, 

    faculty,  and administration shall be convened to discuss the charges.

    c) If the advisor and principal  finds the charges to be credible, the JRBSC member 

         charge with the impeachment shall present his or her defense to the executive 

    members, advisor and principal (impeachment committee). 

    d) The committee shall vote by secret ballot to determine the outcome. The principal 

    must confirm the outcome. If the principal overturns the result, he/she must submit in 

    writing, within five school days, to the committee his/her reasons for reversing the 

    decision. The decision of the principal may be appealed following grievance procedures 

    Article 2

    Adoption and Amendments

    Section 1: This document shall take effect upon its approval by the administration and two-thirds vote of the Executive Board.

    Section 2: These bylaws may be amended upon approval by the administration and 3/4 vote of the executive board.

    Article 3


    Section 1: This document shall be appended to the Constitution for the duration of its authorization, but shall be superseded by the Constitution in any conflicts.


    I   ________________________________   am willing to undertake the duties as laid forth within the Joseph R Bolger Student Council Constitution.  I have read and fully accept all duties, criteria, and consequences that come with the position that I have been elected into. 

    Title: ___________________________________________ 

    Signature: _______________________________________

    Date: ____________________________________