Cleaning your MacBook

If you need to clean the outside of your MacBook, please use these guidelines to prevent accidental damage to your computer.
  • Never pour any type of liquid directly onto your computer, even if its specifically designed for cleaning computers. Apply it to a cloth or paper towel first.
  • The screen and outside casing can be cleaned with a damp paper towel or cloth, using light pressure. However DO NOT attempt to clean the keyboard or trackpad using this method!
  • The safest way to clean the keyboard and trackpad is with a dry magic eraser. It is the best way to clean it that does not risk getting any liquids on the internal components of the computer.
  • DO NOT put anything other than a full size CD or DVD into the disk drive of your notebook.
  • DO NOT remove the bottom panel of the notebook or attempt to clean any of the internal parts of the computer.
  • DO NOT attempt to clean the ports on the side of your notebook. These require special tools to clean safely and cleaning them improperly can damage the computer.