Mission/Vision Statement

  • Mission

    The Keansburg School District shall graduate students with  educational opportunities in college and career readiness. All stakeholders will set rigorous expectations for all students in the classroom, co-curricular activities, attendance, tardiness, and discipline.



    The Keansburg School District shall prepare students for life's abundant opportunities in college or careers in a safe, rigorous, and nurturing educational environment. 

Non- Negotiable Belief Statement

  • In re-developing the Keansburg School District brand it has been necessary to revisit the reason why we exist. This may sound ridiculous to some, and unerving to others, but it is at the heart of what makes a successful enterprise. This was the mission of the Non- negotiable Committee that met on October 6, 2011, to establish the core non- negotiable beliefs of the Keansburg School District. The committee was made up of 2 Board of Education members, 2 district administrators, 4 district teachers, 2 high school students, 2 parents and 3 graduates of Keansburg High School. They spent a full day discussing why the Keansburg School District should exist and what the lessons of the past combined with the realities of the present mean to the future of the district. The rich discussion and candid reflections helped shape an outline for the development of the non- negotiable beliefs. I was extrememly impressed by the ability of the committee to resolve the core beliefs into four statements that lead ot the why.

Our Non- Negotiable Beliefs

District Narrative

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