Father Time Vision Statement

  • Father Time Keansburg Logo We the members of Father Time make time in our schedule to meet weekly because we value our important and privileged role as fathers/ father figures, and recognize that the time we have to enjoy, and experience our children is finite. We believe that all fathers can learn and offer something in our organization.


Our Goals

    • Commit to a path of growth- as a man and as a dad and role model.
    • Work towards spending quality time with our kids.
    • Plan; execute enjoyable activities, which provide lasting memories for our selves, our children, and elders.
    • Organize our priorities re: Family, Work and Self.
    • Commit to and support the welfare of fellow Father Time members.
    • Outreach to other fathers in our community.
    • Deepen relationships with our children/grandchildren through self-growth, and through getting to understand our children’s needs as fully as possible.
    • Open up to other horizons and opportunities as a father and man.
    • Model, protect, and instill a respect for the environment and wonders of the natural world   
    • Continue to stand tall while reaching down to help a child, in the spirit of Tommy’s love for community.