• Keansburg High School One to One Initiative 

    The mission of the Keansburg School District developed through relationships with all stakeholders is to identify the unique potential of each individual by creating a relevant and meaningful learning environment that promotes high academic, social, and emotional expectations for our students and teachers, and leads to graduates that are prepared and inspired to make positive contributions to society.

    Technology is a key component in meeting these needs for both faculty and students.  In 2011, the district began issuing faculty Apple laptops to begin development of a technology-integrated curriculum.  The following year, the high school students were issued MacBooks and thus began our 1:1 program at Keansburg.  

    The remaining schools in the district have received their fair share of devices in a hybrid environment which includes iOS, Mac and SMART devices.  Currently, the district maintains a 3:1 device to student ratio in all buildings, in addition to the 1:1 program at the high school, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) allowance at the middle school.

    Technology skills and related computer projects are integrated throughout the daily curriculum in all grade levels to foster active, student-centered learning.  The eventual goal for the district is to allow access to a device at all times for every student that needs one to access whatever digital tools are necessary to personalize learning for each individual.  

    Besides increasing 21st century skills required to excel and compete globally, access to technology increases student engagement and allows students to become constructors and designers of information and ideas.  We believe these skills are pertinent for all students whether their plans include higher education or joining the ranks of the global workforce.  

    Technology is no longer taught as a discrete subject, rather it is used to enhance communication, collaboration, organization and production in all classes.  Students, teachers and staff members have school issued devices with a myriad of digital tools at their fingertips to customize learning and appeal to individual tastes and preferences to empower students to take control of their own learning.  

    The Keansburg School District believes that schools which help students and teachers harness the learning power of computers place their students at a competitive advantage.  As such, we will maintain and upgrade equipment in the technology program to provide continued access to current devices and programming, while increasing access and keeping technology at the forefront of a well-rounded education for every student in our district.