Wifi Troubleshooting Guide

When I try to connect to KSD it asks for a password?
For security reasons we do not give the password out for our wireless networks. To get connected to KSD you have two options:

Run the Reset Wifi App, located in Applications\Utilities. This will reconnect your computer to the KSD Network.
If for some reason the Reset Wifi App does not work or is not available, find the nearest desktop computer that is not being used and disconnect the network cable and plug it into your laptop. Then open self service and run the “Reset Wifi Settings” script in the Troubleshooting section. Once finished be sure to reconnect the network cable to the desktop computer.

When I try to connect to KSD I get the following message: Could not join “KSD”, A connection timeout occurred?

If you receive this message, please contact the tech department to get this error resolved. We will need the name or serial number of your computer.

My computer keeps connecting to another network (Like APPLE, or IPAD), even after I connect to the KSD network.

To resolve this following these steps:
Open System Preferences
Click on “Network”
Make sure Wi-Fi is selected on the list to the left.
Select the Advanced... button at the bottom right corner.
You will see a list of Preferred Networks. Find KSD in the list and drag it to the top of the list.
Click OK.
Click Apply.
Click the “Turn Wifi Off” button, then click it again to turn it back on. It should connect to the KSD network.