• Frequently Asked Questions 
    Do I need to backup my files? 
    Yes! Students are responsible for the data on their computers. We recommend Google Drive for backing up work, as its automatic and does not require and additional equipment. For more information see the help article in the Technical Support section. 
    What should I do if my computer or charger stops working, or is damaged?
    There is a Tech Staff member available to assist student with non-working computers each morning during the start of school and each afternoon after school. Defective computers will be repaired and returned to students. Damaged computers will be handled on a case by case basis. Extra chargers are available in the event that a students charger stops working, and students DO NOT need to purchase their own chargers if theirs is no longer working.
     What should I do if my computer is stolen or missing?
    Missing or stolen computers must be reported to the Tech Department or Principal, immediately, and students will be required to file a police report for the missing computer. All of our computers are outfitted with tracking technology that will be enabled in the event that it is stolen or missing.