Welcome to 6th Grade Science!!

  • Welcome to 6th Grade Science

    Mrs. Thorn and Mrs. Niro


    What you will learn this year:


    The history of the Earth and what it is made of

    Weather on Earth

    How humans have changed the Earth ( the good and the bad!!)

    Space Science

    The Science of Motion 


    Requirements: You will need...


    Pencil EVERY DAY!      Marble Notebook ( it stays in the classroom)          A great attitude

    How you are graded:


    Classwork will count for much of your grade.

    How you participate and complete what we do together in school. 50%         

    Classwork and any HW 25%          Test 25%




    Classroom Rules:


    1. Be respectful of your classmates, your teachers and your school building
    2. School rules are our  rules too.

    Phones cannot be on, visable or used during the school day. Please refer to the cell phone policy on cell phone usage.  

    First warning: Verbal

    Second warning: Name on board. If name is not removed, detention after school.

    Third warning: Detention, call home.