• How to Effectively Communicate With School Officials

    Parents are often discouraged when they attempt to communicate with central office administrators and are sent back to building-based officials in order to resolve a problem their child may be experiencing in school. To prevent that frustration, parents can become informed about the “Chain of Command”, or where to begin the communication sequence regarding their child’s problem. Many parental questions are easily and completely answered by communicating directly with the educator in charge of the class or program. Each situation should first be addressed at whatever level the initial action was taken with appeals moving on to the next level on the chain of command. The easiest way to communicate would be by email (Email format: first_initial;_last name@keansburg.k12.nj.us)
    A phone call would be the next preferable way to communicate.

    1.     On Matters Involving Instruction: (High Schools or Middle Schools)

                    1. Classroom teacher or Case Manager

                    2. Guidance Counselor

                    3. Assistant Principal- Mr. Brian Kmak, KHS (732)787-2007 ext 4251

                    4. Principal -Ms. Jennifer Vecchiarelli, KHS (732)787-2007 ext. 4250

                    5. Chief Academic Officer

                    6. Student Services

                       Director of Pupil Personnel Services (child study)                        

    2. On Matters Involving Athletics or Extra-curricular Activity: (High Schools or Middle Schools)

                    1. Club Advisor or Coach

                    2. Athletic Director                                                                                              
                        Mr. Thomas Stark (732)787-2007 ext. 4240

                    3. Principal

                         Ms. Jennifer Vecchiarelli, KHS (732)787-2007 ext. 4250
                         Mr. Joseph LaRocca, Bolger Middle School (732)787-2007 ext. 2220

    3. On Matters Involving Student Discipline (High Schools or Middle Schools):

                    1. Classroom Teacher

                    2. Guidance Counselor

                    3. Assistant Principal

                    4. Principal


    4. On Elementary School Matters:

                    1. Classroom Teacher or Case Manager

                    2. Master Teacher (Preschool)

                    3. Principal

                         Mrs. Elyse Mcmahon (732) 787-2007 ext. 6001

                    4. Student Services

                      Director of Pupil Personnel Services (Child Study)                        

            5.  On Mattters Concerning Facilities and Buildings and Grounds               
                      1. Building Principal

                     2. Business Administrator/Board Secretary  (Interim)                                               
                         Ms.  Louise Davis (732) 787-2007 ext. 2400

            6.  On Matters Involving Transportation

                     1. Transportation                                                                                                             
                           Mrs. Eileen Enright (732) 787-2007 ext. 3322

                     2. Business Administrator/Board Secretary         (Interim)                                         
                        Ms.  Louise Davis (732) 787-2007 ext. 2400

            7.  To Resolve All Matters only after you have followed the levels outlined above

                     1.  Superintendent of Schools                                                                           
                           Ms. Kathleen O'Hare (732) 787-2007 ext. 2300

                 2.  Business Administrator/Board Secretary (Interim)

                              Ms.  Louise Davis (732) 787-2007 ext. 2400


                   Building Principals 

    Name  Position  School  Ext.
    Jennifer Vecchiarelli
    Principal Keansburg High School 4250
    Brian Kmakl Vice Principal Keansburg High School 4251
    Joseph LaRocca Principal Bolger Middle School  2220
    John-Michael Herits Vice Principal Bolger Middle School 2230 
    Elise McMahon Principal Caruso Elementary School 6001
    Sean Brophy Vice Principal Caruso Elementary School 6312