• Classwork Grades

     Scoring Rubric

     5 – You completed the assignment and handed it in on time.  You got all of the answers correct (Maybe 1 wrong!) You tried your best and I can tell because the answers are thoughtful and complete.  Your paper is neat and organized.

     4 – You came very close to a 5, but you have some incorrect answers.

     3 – It looks like you understand, but you might need a little extra help.  Is your paper neat and organized?

     2 – Did you leave blanks or incomplete answers? Did you get a lot of incorrect answers?

     1 – Is this your best effort?  If you need me to help you, I would be happy too. 



    School Wide Grading Scale
    90-100 = A
    80-89 = B
    70-79 = C
    65-69 = D
    64 or below = F

    My Grading Policy:

    Classwork- 30%

     Notebooks- 25%

                                                                                                                                             Homework- 10%