• Classroom Procedures-
    1. Entering the Classroom: As you enter the room, please be seated and start your Do-Now.
    2. Listening To/Responding To Questions: Everyone has the right to be respected when they are speaking. If you would like to ask a question or make a comment, please raise your hand and wait to be called on. Please do not speak while someone else is speaking. Everyone will have an opportunity to talk.
    3. When You Need Help: If you are having difficulty with an assignment, I am available during lunch. Please arrange a time with me and I am happy to help you.
    4. Classroom Language: Please use appropriate language in the classroom. Do not use negative words and speak positively about other classmates.
    Incentives and Consequences:
    It is important that you respect and follow the classroom rules and procedures on a daily basis. There will be appropriate rewards for following the guidelines explained above, as well as appropriate consequences for not following the classroom rules and procedures.

    It is important to have a positive, comfortable learning environment. Students will be rewarded for several things in class, such as: having a positive attitude, helping another student, being polite, trying something new, a good grade, improvement, or many other things. The incentives are as follows:
    Bowles Bucks for the weekly school store
    Positive note or a phone call home

    My behavior expectations for you are high. If I feel that your behavior is inappropriate for class or you are not following the classroom rules and procedures the following consequences will be utilized:
    1. Verbal Warning
    2. The student will be asked to fill out a Stop and Think sheet, which will allow both of us to look at the situation.
    3. Teacher detention and a call home.
    4. If the behavior persists, the student will be sent to the office on a referral or I may request a parent conference.
    *Severe disregard for school or classroom guidelines (i.e. fighting) will result in an automatic referral to the office.

    Attendance & Make-up Work
    Attendance in class is extremely important.  It is difficult for a student to fully comprehend material when he or she is absent and is not able to benefit from teacher instruction.  If your child has a prolonged absence from school, you may request assignments from the teacher by calling the school office to request the make-up work.  Absent make-up work will be ready in the front office the following afternoon. If your child is absent only for a day or two, I will give your child all of their missed assignments and they may make it up for homework.

    Assignment Corrections
    Any assignment on which a student receives a score below 70 may be corrected. The corrections must be done within two days of the student receiving the graded paper. Corrections are to be done on a separate piece paper and stapled to the original assignment.  I strongly encourage students to take their time when doing corrections and not guess at answer changes. I will average the two grades together.

    Your child will
    have homework.  Assignments that are given as class work often become homework for students who do not finish during class time.  There will be times when your child needs to spend time outside of the school day studying for a test or working on a project. Information about these activities will be provided to the students well in advance.