• Mathematics

     “Everything can be thought of as a math problem.” taken from Math Curse

    Small Groups-Small groups will be created frequently to focus on specific skills. Work and activities may vary by  

                             child/group based on need and skill level.

    Teams-Children sit at tables and will be encouraged to work as a cooperative team.

    Tests and Quizzes- One week notice will always be given!

    Exit Questions/slate assessment-Weekly, short response questions to determine interim mastery

                                                             of a skill or concept. Usually, given every Friday.

    Review Sheets- Review sheets are constructed to help your child review all skills and concepts for

                                that unit/chapter. They are the best way to prepare for a test or quiz!

    Homework -Homework is given, as needed, to reinforce concepts and skills covered in class. *Did you know that your child

                           already has a 100% in my class under their homework grade? It’s their job to keep it! *If a homework assignment is not

                           complete, 5 points will be deducted from the homework portion of their grade.  If the assignment is made up only 2 points

                           are deducted from the homework portion of the whole math grade.

                           *Incomplete Homework Slips will be completed by your child if they miss an assignment. These slips will be kept on file.

    Learning Centers-Your child will “travel” to different learning centers.  Each will contain a hands-on and/or computer based

                                    activity designed to reinforce a skill, build cooperative learning & enhance problem solving skills.

    Projects-All projects are curriculum based and reflect real-life situations for using math skills. There will be take home

                    projects and in-class cooperative projects.

    Extra help:There will be extra help available after school and even during lunch(working on this!). If your child seems to be

                       having difficulties with his or her work, please let me know, immediately.

    *Chance to Improve/Missing Assignments: All children can improve a grade that may need improving. The child is notified and

                          they have one week to come in after-school to improve their grade.  The two grades are then averaged together and your

                          child will receive the averaged grade. *Missing assignments are noted and each child is given the opportunity to make-up

                          and/or complete the assignment. Daily reminders will be given. If necessary, parents/guardians will be notified by email,

                          and/or a text message.

                            *Missing assignments, assessments, projects, etc. must be made up prior to a student using the laptop and/or participating

                             in special Friday activities/centers.

    Technology: We will utilize Macbooks whenever possible to enhance lessons, engage students, sharpen skills, and explore

                           concepts. Google classroom & Porta Portal will be utilized.

    Mathematics needs: *A pencil is needed everyday (pens can not be used for class work; pens can be used for correcting classwork)

                                          -A composition notebook will be provided (this will be kept in class)


    Titan Up Whole School non-negotiables:                                                                     

    *Use kind, appropriate words

    *Follow directions

    *Stay quiet when someone else is speaking

    *Arrive on time

    *Be prepared with class materials

                                                                         *Ask for help

                                                                        *Keeps hands, feet, and objects to yourself


    How to stay informed about your child’s progress:

    *Watch the mail for mid-marking period progress reports

    *Attend conferences on November 18th or 19th & February 10th or 11th

    *Attend Back to School Night September 15th

    *Log on to Genesis periodically to check grades & assignments

    *Ask your child how he/she is doing, daily!