Meeting Recaps

  • March 7, 2022

    President's Report:
    1. An executive meeting was held on 3/4 to establish bylaws.  The bylaws will be posted on the PTA Facebook page.
    2. Introduction of executive board:
       - President - Brieanna Fornash
       - Vice President - Barbara Fernandez
       - Treasurer - Kim Lee
       - Secretary - Lehan Doren
       - Bylaws Chairperson - Tami Alt
    Old Business:
    1. Members of the executive board met with Ms. McMahon and Mr. LaRocca to discuss building needs and the role the PTA could play.  Anticipate meetings with the high school and the Pre-K administration as well.
    2. Moving the Mother's Day plant/bake sale to the week before Easter.  The PTA is looking for volunteers to help and to donate baked goods.
    3. Gertrude Hawk Fundraiser - If the company can guarantee delivery before Easter, the PTA will distribute catalogues.  If not, they will do the fundraiser online. The PTA would like to offer prizes for the highest sellers.
    4. Plans are in the works for Teacher Appreciation Week.
    5. Mother/Son Dance - The PTA is hoping to hold a mother/son dance on May 20th.
    6. Addition of teacher meetings - The PTA executive board will hold a 2:30 meeting at the end of March to make it easier for teachers to attend. The PTA is looking for teacher input to learn how they can best support the teachers. The PTA anticipates rotating building locations for these meetings.
    7. Butterfield - There will be a Butterfield dance this year.  A survey will be sent to 8th grade parents and students to see if they would prefer to have the Butterfield dance after graduation or the first Saturday in June. The PTA will hold to tradition and keep the theme for Butterfield a surprise for the 8th grade students and parents.
    8. Gift Auction 22/23 - The PTA will resume the gift auction fundraiser for the 22/23 school year.  The PTA is considering offering pre order options for this event.
    9. Student Council/Class Officer - The PTA would like representatives from Caruso, Bolger, and the High School student councils to attend PTA meetings in order to collaborate on events the students would like to see.
    New Business:
    1. Teachers, if you are a paid member, please join the PTA Facebook page (don't forget to answer the questions!) The Facebook page will be active with current information about meetings, fundraisers, events, sign-ups, etc.
    2. Membership - There are two types of membership in the bylaws: paid membership and member in good standing.  In order to be a member in good standing, you must attend at least 4 out of the 12 PTA meetings during the year (1 per quarter) and volunteer at at least 3 fundraisers (volunteering can be your time, donations, talent).  Only members in good standing can vote, run for office, or participate in special events that the PTA gifts to the students (ex: Butterfield).
    3. Anyone can join the PTA at any time!
    4. Next year, Caruso is bringing back class parents.  You must be a member of the PTA in order to be a class parent.
    5. There will be an April meeting added to the calendar - TBD
    6. Meeting minutes and agendas will be posted on the PTA Facebook page as well as the PTA link on the district website. 
    7. The PTA is raffling off a $10 gift card at each PTA meeting.  You have to be in it to win it!
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