•    In addition to the classroom curriculum, students who receive English Language services will be taught in a small group to work on language skills including vocabulary and language syntax. Each grade has unique units of study that include a rich vocabulary, quality literature and non-fiction texts as well as corresponding written assignments and projects.  The following charts list the units of study per grade.
     Unit 1 School Literature: Come With Me to School, To Be a Kid, A School, Picture Perfect Word Book
     Unit 2 Family Literature: Feast for 10, To Be a Kid, The Picnic, Picture Perfect Word Book
     Unit 3 Transportation Literature: The Bus for Us, Get Around in the City, The Ride, Picture Perfect Word Book
     Unit 4 Community Literature: See the Firefighter, Bear About Town, Get Around in the City, Picture Perfect Word Book, Reader's Theater: Community Helpers, Buildings Around Town, Jobs Around Town and I Like my Town
     Unit 5 Weather/ Seasons Literature: In the Yard, Changes, What Can You Do?, Picture Perfect Word Book, Reader's Theater: All Kinds of Weather and My New Clothes
     Unit 6 Animals Literature: Here Come Poppy and Max, Hide and Seek, Picture Perfect Word Book, Animal Homes, Who Lives Here?, Rabbits and Raindrops, Reader's Theater: Bird Homes
     Unit 7 Me/ Body/ Senses Literature: The Body Book, To Be a Kid, What Is It?, My Five Senses, My Hands, How Many Teeth, Picture Perfect Word Book, Reader;s Theater: About Me and Using My Body
     Unit 8 Farms
     Literature: Silly Little Goose!, Changes, Baby Animals, Picture Perfect Word Book, Reader's Theater: Farm Animals
     Unit 9 Markets and Food Literature: Market Day, Seeds, Picture Perfect Word Book, Reader's Theater: Healthy Snacks
     Unit 10 Home Literature: Buzz, The Big Bear, Picture Perfect Word Book
    First Grade 
     Unit 1 What New with You/ Seasons Literature: Fall is Not Easy, Daniel's First Day, Around the Seasons
     Unit 2 Animals Literature: Mama Cat has Three Kittens, Are You an Elephant, Feathers and More
     Unit 3 Families Literature: Tortillas and Lullabies, Dim Sum for Everyone, Families
     Unit 4 Homes Literature: All Kinds of Children, This is the Way We Build Our House, Honza's Little House
     Unit 5How animals change and grow Literature: Waiting for Wings, Eggs, Come Along Daisy 
     Unit 6             The World                                    Literature: From Here to There, Whoever you 
                                                                                     are, Mama Talks Too Much, What is a Map? 
    Second Grade
     Unit 1 Cities Literature: The Adventures of Taxi Dog, A Movie in my Pillow, Chinatown
     Unit 2 Farms/ Food Literature: Mrs. cNosh and the Great Big Squash, Farms, Clever Ana and the Greedy Giant
     Unit 3 Water/ weather Literature: Rain, Where Do Puddles Go?, Eva's Cloud
     Unit 4 Celebrations! Literature: Day of the Dead, This Next New Year, Independence Day
     Unit 5 Animals in the wild Literature: Red-Eyed Tree Frog, Grandpa Toad's Secret, What Do You Do When Something Wants to Eat You?
     Unit 6 Music Too much Talk, Moses Goes to a Concert, Sounds All Around