Writing Tips & Tricks

Writing Tricks for Essays


    1. Magic 3:
        Repeat something 3 times for effect:
       "I love playing hide-and-seek with my friends in our woods, jumping rope on the school playground, and swinging on the old tire at Grandma's."
    2.  Figurative Language
         Use similes and metaphors for emphasis:
        " My hair is like peach fuzz."
    3.  Specific Details for Effect:
         "My boyfriend sits in the second row from the left, third seat, in front of Claudia and behind Milton."
    4.  Repetition for Effect:
         "My dentist always asks the same questions:  how old are "we" now, how are "we" doing in school, and how have "we" been treating our little friends.  Of course, by now I know that he means "our" teeth.
    5.  Expanded Moment:
         " I sat down, crossed my legs, flipped my hair away from my face, and began to write."
    6.  Humor:
         " There I was on the first day of school -- the picture-perfect girl.  My new outfit looked like something from my big sister's magazine, my hair--for once--was having a good day, and I was strutting in my new shoes.  Little did I know that I was trailing a three -yard piece of Charmin behind me.  So much for using the bathroom right before class!"
    7.  Hyphenated Modifier:
         "My mother gave me her famous you-better-get-to-your-room-now-and-make-it-shine-before-I-get-to-your-behind look."