1.                                                   procedures
      Classroom Procedures:
      1.  Immediately upon entering the classroom
    2. < Enter the classroom quietly without running or pushing. 

      < Take your assigned seat 

      < Place all school materials on or in desk.

      < Place back-packs, jackets, etc. in cubbie/closet.

      < Place permission slips or notes from home into teacher's "In Basket."

      Deposit homework into "Homework

      <  Listen attentively to "News and Announcements."


          2. End of School Day:  Clean off your desk; pick up any trash within three feet of your desk and wait quietly to be dismissed.

          3. Listening To/Responding To Questions: Everyone has the right to be respected when they are speaking. If you would like to ask a question or make a comment, please raise your hand and wait to be called on. Please do not speak while someone else is speaking. Everyone will have an opportunity to talk. 

          4. When You Need Help:  Raise your hand to get help; if you are working with a group, ask them for help in understanding how you do the assignment.

          5. Restroom and Drinking Fountain Passes:  Raise your hand to ask permission. You may be asked to wait for a better time to go.  You must have a pass. Only one person per pass.  Quickly and quietly walk to your destination.  Be respectful to any adults and students you may meet.  No wandering the hallways.  

          6.  Classroom Language: Please use appropriate language in the classroom. Do not use negative words and speak positively about other classmates and what we are studying. 
          7.  Seating Charts: You must sit in your assigned seat.
          8.  Lining up:  Stand up quietly; push in your chair; take all necessary items; line up without touching others or talking; face the front of the line and watch where you are going.
          9.  Fire drill: Stop everything; stand up and head for the door quickly, but without running or pushing. Wait patiently, calmly, and quietly in line outside until we are allowed to go back into school.

         10. Classroom Library Procedures: Only two people at the library at a time.  Quickly and quietly find a book.  Return to your desk.  Classroom library books may NOT go home without teacher permission.  If a book is lost, student must pay the amount it costs to replace it.