2019-2020  School Year
    Count Basie Shows:





    Flip Fabrique

    March 9, 2020 @ 10:30am

    Grades PK-12

    Cirque FLIP Fabrique is a young troupe founded by a group of friends who are at the peak of their talents as professional circus artists.  Their shared dream is to create CIRQUE shows that are built in the image of their artists, inspired by their personalities and their experiences. Each performer is the top star of their Cirque specialty and showcase their one of a kind, unmatched skills!

    TOPICS: Movement · Art · Multi-Cultural · Physical Fitness




    March 16, 2020 @ 10:30am

    Grades PK-4

    Yoga with a dancing bear? A giant roller coaster of kids? Welcome to Yogapalooza. Beloved family music artist and pioneering kids’ yoga educator, Bari Koral leads this highly interactive concert that blends imaginative songs, yoga poses, dance breaks and play. Ideal for open spaces but with modifications for traditional theater seating, this is the most fun you can have doing yoga guaranteed. No prior experience necessary!

    TOPICS: Movement · Multi-Cultural · Physical Fitness ·Yoga · Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Connections




    April 1, 2020 @ 10:30am

    Grades K-4

    Internationally acclaimed magician and educator, Bradley Fields, captivates students with his famous magic illusions, and turns them on to the history, the power, and the beauty of the language of Math! The show promotes math-skills and problem-solving through visuals, history, language and world-class entertainment. Kids travel back to ancient times to meet Imhotep the Magician, (whose secret was really math), Zeno (whose paradoxes inspired Newton) and, of course, Pythagoras and his famous theorem.

    TOPICS: Mathematics · Problem-Solving · Cognitive Reasoning ·English Language Arts




    Mariachi Herencia de Mexico

    May 4, 2020 @ 10:30am

    Grades K-12

    Mariachi Herencia de Mexico, an ensemble of students from Chicago’s immigrant barrios, is mariachi music’s most exciting newcomer. The group scored a surprise hit with their debut album of traditional Mexican music. “Nuestra Herencia” (Our Heritage), released 2017, hit #2 on the iTunes Latin chart and scored a Latin GRAMMY nomination. The following year, the group released their follow-up album, “Herencia De La Tierra Mía (The Heritage Of My Land).” The CD debuted at #2 on the Billboard charts and at #1 on the iTunes charts. Mariachi Herencia de Mexico has performed alongside major artists, demonstrating that this group of students has the talent, training and bravado to hold their own with the best in the world.


    David Gonzalez – Aesop Bops!

    May 28, 2020 @ 10:30AM

    Grades: K-3

    Fast-paced, funny, and packed with audience participation, Aesop Bops! features a potpourri of Aesop's classic stories including The Lion and the Mouse, The Fisherman and His Wife, and The Turtle's Shell. This feast of funky, physical storytelling leaves young audiences feeling like they had just performed the show too! Aesop Bops! rocks, and rolls out the red carpet - inviting kids to join in the fun.

    TOPICS: Storytelling · Theatre · Social/Emotional Learning · Global Literacy/Awareness · Multi-Cultural · Roots and Heritage