• Welcome to Kindergarten Songs/Chants

    Welcome to Kindergarten Songs/Chants

    Welcome to Kindergarten!
    (Sung to the tune of "Deck The Halls")

    Welcome to our kindergarten.
    We will learn a lot of things today.
    Here we are in kindergarten.
    We will have a lot of time to play.
    We will learn the alphabet and
    We will learn how to write numbers, too.
    We'll have fun in kindergarten,
    'Cause there are so many things to do!

    Hall Chant~~When lining up we recite this chant to make sure we are all ready to enter the hallway.

    I'm giving myself a great big hug,(fold arms across chest)
    I'm standing straight and tall,
    I'm looking right ahead of me,
    I'm ready for the hall.

    The Clean Up Song--This is a great chant to teach at the beginning of the year. I use it when it is time to put away our learning centers or when it is time to stop working on an art project.
    Clean up,
    Clean up,
    Everybody, Everywhere.
    Clean up,
    Clean up,
    Everybody do their share.

    (Repeat over, and over until the clean up task is complete.)

    Give Me Five

    When it's time to begin an activity I sometimes hold up my hand and use
    Give Me Five
    to get the attention of my students.

    Eyes are watching
    Ears are listening
    Mouth is quiet
    Hands are to myself
    Hearts are caring

    Hold up 1 finger as you say each rule. You'll soon find your students reciting these with you.

    The Line Up Poem

    I will not shove,

    I will not push,

    I will not try to pass.

    I will not stay behind the rest,

    I'll line up with my class.

    My School Promise

    Each day I'll do my best

    And I won't do any less.

    My work will always please me,

    And I won't accept a mess.

    I'll color very carefully,

    My writing will be neat.

    And I will not be happy,

    Till my papers are complete.

    I'll always do my homework,

    And try my best on every test.

    I won't forget my promise,

    To do my very best!

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