Miss Rogers' Class
    Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year.  My name is Seton Rogers.  I have been a teacher in Keansburg for 27 years.  I am thrilled to be your child's teacher.   
     Second grade is exciting and busy.  Please view the other pages to find out all about our daily schedule, homework schedule, rules, and routines.  Please feel free to contact me if you ever have any questions or concerns.  My email address is mrogers@keansburg.k12.nj.us.  
    Please visit my Portaportal for games your child can play at home to reinforce and support learning.  The children are familiar with the Portaportal and enjoy using it.  Click this link: http://my.portaportal.com.  You can log in by going to Guest Access and type msrogers.  
    Other interactive sites that are beneficial for math practice are ixlmath and xtramath.  User id's and passwords were sent home.  If you misplaced that information, I will be happy to provide you with them again.
                                              Reading Tips
    Please take a look at the phrases that we use to promote consistency in reading strategies.
    Reading Strategies
    1.     Look at the picture
    2.     Get your mouth ready
    3.     Think!  What makes sense?
    4.     Look at the beginning letter and the last letter
    5.     Go back and reread
    6.     Look for the little word or chunks in the big word


    *Please do not tell the children to “sound it out”.  They need to use one of the above strategies.   

    After reading a book with your child, please ask them comprehension questions.  I am providing some samples that can be used as appropriate.
    1.  Who are the characters in the story?
    2.  What are some words that would name character traits of the characters?
    4.  What happened in the story to cause the character or characters to change?
    5.  What is the setting in the story? 
    6.  Would you like to read another book by this author?  Why or why not?