• Dear Parents,
    I am sending home a list of the sight words the children will be studying the first day of every school week. These words are words your child needs to know in order to read. In a few weeks pattern words will also appear on the list. We do many activities throughout the week to practice these words. At the end of every school week I will assess their knowledge of these words by asking them to read and write the words. In addition, they will be given a dictation sentence to write using a few of that week’s words, as well as, previously learned words.
    How can you help your child so that these words are automatic for them? Below are some suggestions to help.
    · Make flashcards. Flash the cards, if your child does not know the word, just tell them and put it back in the pile and see if they can read it again. Practice writing the one word. Have them write it big, small, etc. anything to make it fun!
    · Play memory game…make an additional set and put all the cards face down and your child will turn over 2 cards and look for a match. Play along with your child and have fun.
    · Play go fish…deal out 5 cards each and put the remaining cards in a pile…the object of the game is to find a match and discard the match…if you don’t have a match you must ask the other player, “Do you have “is” “if you don’t, you tell them to go fish until they find the match from the pile.
    · Flash the cards, this time make a pile of yours and mine. If they read it correctly it is theirs, if not it is yours. Check to see who has the bigger pile.
    · Cut the word into single letters and have your child put the letters in the correct order
    Remember to make this fun! Please do it every night along with reading the book in their pouch!