About Keansburg High School

  • Keansburg High School is a Group I school with approximately 380 students enrolled. The mission of the school is to ensure an optimum and safe teaching and learning environment, which sets high expectations and enables pupils to reach their maximum potential. It is the belief of the Keansburg School District that all students can learn and that it is the educational responsibility of all staff members to help our students learn and achieve their goals.

    The curricula offerings at Keansburg High School are designed to offer a range of classes to fit the needs of all students. We meet the needs of advanced academic students by offering Advanced Placement classes in various subject areas; provide at-risk students various alternative educational programs; and various vocational programs through Monmouth County Vocational School to ensure student success.  The New Jersey Inter-district School Choice program provides the opportunity for non-resident students to attend Keansburg High School at no cost to their parents/guardians. The School Choice program covers five academies at the high school level, which includes Digital Media, Medical Art, Pre-Engineering, Home Health Care, and Pre-Service Teaching and Learning. These partnerships and programs provide our students with exceptional learning experiences, and assists in developing well-rounded, young adults that are successful members in society. We also offer a full array of school-based social and health clinic services to our students and their families.

    Keansburg High School strives to prepare students for a variety of opportunities throughout high school and beyond graduation. As part of our dedication to 21st century education, Keansburg High School features a one to one learning environment to engage and support our students.  Every student is supplied with a MacBook laptop.  It is our vision to allow students the opportunity to utilize the content knowledge learned to create, apply, and collaborate with peers in a 21st century world. 

    The second half of the school day at Keansburg High School offers students the opportunity to participate in countless clubs and activities or as an athlete on one of many varsity level teams. Here too students distinguish themselves in a variety of ways. These programs are essential and integral to the delivery of the total educational program.

     Keansburg High School has a highly qualified staff committed to working with the students in this school. These teachers value continuing education and embrace opportunities for continuous professional growth and development which subsequently improves pedagogy and student learning. An enthusiastic and supportive community, ongoing curriculum revision and expansion, meaningful staff development, and other educational initiatives combine to foster and create a challenging and dynamic educational program for all at Keansburg High School.