• “I feel the program is amazing! My son has already learned so much. He adores his teachers and is excited to go to school everyday.”


    “I feel that the program is wonderful, very developmentally appropriate. I see such a huge difference from her 3 year to 4 year old years. The classroom has many age appropriate areas and lets them socially interact.”


    “I think that the activities and outdoor play areas are great. He learns so much even while outside. I think the classroom environment is efficient and also inviting to the children. I really love the staff and how great each and everyone of them are with my son.”


    “The teachers/staff are so warm and caring. My daughter has learned so much academically and socially.”


    “This is by far the best program. This is my daughter’s second year and the amount of things she knows is awesome. My 4 year old can write her own name!”


    “I can not be happier. My daughter speaks better, is recognizing words (like reading). We are planning on moving next year and decided to stay in Keansburg to keep them in the same school as we are that pleased.”

    “Keansburg is very lucky to have such a great program.”