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Mr. Platt


New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJASK) testing is right around the corner.  Seventh and eighth grade testing will take place the week of April 28th and fifth and sixth grade testing will take place the week of May 5th.  Standardize tests, for better or worse, play a major role in education.  Many parents, educators, school leaders, and policymakers disagree about the kinds of tests, what should be tested, how scores should be used, how frequently students should be tested, and most importantly how to support students’ efforts on standardized test.  The talented educators of Bolger Middle School are doing everything we can to prepare our students to be successful.  We do this by focusing on strengthening transferable skills, not strict test preparation.  Students must have the ability to display the 21st century skills that are getting them college and career ready, not master tricks that heighten their chances of “guessing” right on a multiple choice test.  With that said standardize test are still important measurement indicators used to evaluate teachers, schools, and districts in this era of accountability.  Please help us by encouraging your child to do their best and put their maximum effort into the NJASK.




During testing here are some simple tips to help your child remain calmed, focused, and at their best:



·      Make sure your child get a good night’s sleep and eats healthy.



o   Many teachers report that students who don’t do well on tests haven’t gotten enough sleep and/or haven’t eaten properly.  Doing both of these things will ensure that your child is working a full capacity.



·      Make sure your child is prepared.



o   We will make sure that the students of Bolger have any supplies they may need to take the NJASK, but you can help be making sure they are not rushed or disorganized the morning of testing.   Ensure that your child’s outfit is ready is an example of one small stressor that can be managed prior to that morning.



·      Remain positive.



o   Staying calm will help your child stay calm.  If they get nervous about the test or are experiencing any anxiety, help them practice some relaxations techniques that can be done one they are taking the test.




Committed to Excellence,