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Without Geometry, Life is Pointless
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    Ms. Zarcaro                         

    Room 219                                                              

    Math Department                                                           

    E-mail: azarcaro@keansburg.k12.nj.us 

    Ms, Zarcaro’s Office Hours:

    Every Morning 7:00AM-7:30AM

    1-2 Afternoons 2:00PM-3:30PM

    Or By Appointment

          *This is subject to change

          **Any changes will be announced in class 


    Course Goals/Objectives 

    Believe, Understand, and Realize Goals

    Before you leave Geometry, you will be able to:     

    • Successfully solve problems related to the geometry concepts covered    
    • Understand and recognize connections between geometry and algebra
    • Effectively use resources like a computer or calculator to work with mathematics
    • Explain thoughts and solutions in a way that makes sense mathematically   
    • Recognize the real-world contexts that are present in geometry and mathematics


    Rules and Regulations

    Students should follow ALL school rules at all times – they are non-negotiable.

    In addition to following ALL school rules, students should also obey the following in room 219:

    Have respect for yourself and everyone around you
    Always do your work to the best of your abilities
    Victory will come when you try your hardest
    Ensure that you are always on time and prepared
    Follow/read ALL directions and listen to instructions the first time
    Understand that there are no excuses in this course
    No electronics should be used or out, unless otherwise noted by the teacher


Go Titans!