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     This is a girl using a microscope.
    Teacher Contact Info 
    work phone number: 732-787-2007 ext. 1 
    email: bkatz@keansburg.k12.nj.us
    email: bkatz@kburg.org 
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    Lab Biology CCR - Period 1
    Lab Biology CCR - Period 3
    Lab Biology CCR - Period 7 
    Lab Biology Honors - Period 2
    Marine Bio Lab - Period 6A
    Lab Biology Honors - Period 8 
    Office Hours 
    Room 208 
    Monday - Thursday
    7:45 AM - 8:30 AM
    2:30 PM - 3:00 PM
    Teacher Biography
    Mr. Katz studied biology at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.  He also received a master in the art of teaching from Marygrove College.  He completed an internship at the Philadelphia Zoo during his sophomore year of college.  Mr. Katz has been a biology teacher and advisor of the environmental science club at Keansburg High School for eight years.   He took scuba diving lessons at Dosil's and became scuba certified in Australia in August 2005.  Mr. Katz participated in a study abroad program through the School For Field Studies in Australia during Summer 2005.  Mr. Katz currently volunteers for NJ Fish & Wildlife and Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge.  He has worked at Six Flags Wild Safari, Jenkinson's Aquarium, and Wild Side Zoo.
    Second Chance Policy
     Students may retake a test or quiz up to five times within five days in order to improve your grade.
     If a student is absent, then they may make up and submit missed assignments (e.g. homework) up to five days after the due date to receive full credit.
    Extra help is always available during Mr. Katz's office hours.
    Class Management Policy
    1. BE POLITE
     2. BE PROMPT
    Homework Policy
     Homework assignments such as labs, worksheets, and word problems will be due on the assigned due date.  Students will have up to five school days to hand in the homework assignment for full credit as per Second Chance.  Students may submit there homework  assignments in person or by email.
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     Google Classroom
    Please email Mr. Katz for a student or parent class code in order to join Google Classroom.
    "Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science."
    ~Edwin Powell Hubble, The Nature of Science, 1954