•  Classroom Expectations


    Each day, as students enter the classroom quietly and calmly, they are responsible for reading the objective board and beginning their bell work. 


    Students are expected to be in the classroom when the bell rings. Students who arrive late to class, without a pass, will receive a note in Genesis. Three tardies in one marking period will warrant a 15-minute after school detention. Students are also responsible for any work they may have missed.


    Students will be given homework almost every night because math is one of the few subjects that are impossible to master without practice. Homework assignments will always be posted on the website, allowing students to reference the assignment anywhere. Homework will not be graded on correctness but rather completeness. Meaning, the student will receive the following grades for homework:

    0 = homework was not attempted

    1 = less than half of the homework was attempted

    2 = homework was attempted in full


    When a student is absent from class, all of his or her missed work will be kept on the "While You Were Out" board at the front of the room. Upon returning to class it is the students responsibility to complete the missed work. Students will have 5 additional days to complete the work for every day of EXCUSED absence in order to receive full credit. 


    The bell does not dismiss the class; the teacher dismisses the class. Students are expected to hand their class work folder to the teacher as they exit the classroom.


    Classroom procedures are expected to be followed as if the teacher were here. The substitute teacher will be notified of all procedures and expectations. All work, whether it is completed or not, is to be submitted to the sub at the end of the period. Students who choose not to behave as expected will receive only one warning before an after school detention is warranted. The length of the detention will be determined by the severity of the student’s actions.

    Course Work & Grading

    Tests:  These tests will be given periodically throughout the marking period.  They will always be announced at least three days in advance.  “Second Chance” will be offered after every test, and due 5 days later. 

    Quizzes:  These quizzes will cover several topics and will always be announced at least one day in advance. 

    Classwork: These assessments will occur throughout the semester.  Examples of alternative assessments include but are not limited to classwork review, completing projects, and any other graded activity, which doesn’t fit into the other categories. 

    Homework: You will have homework everyday.  Homework is necessary for practice and reinforcement so that you can master the concepts covered in class. Homework will be graded on completeness. 

    Attitude-Effort-Participation:  You can ensure a good grade here by having a positive attitude at all times, completing all assignments, being attentive and respectful in class, seeking outside help when appropriate, answering questions in class, asking relevant questions in class, volunteering to place solutions on the board, helping fellow classmates, rooting for the Titants, etc.  Conversely, you forfeit points by being indifferent, inattentive, disrespectful, disruptive, excessively absent or late, unprepared, uncooperative, working on assignments for other classes, wearing Middletown gear, etc.


    Algebra 1 Syllabus