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    Sports & Physiology
    Kelli A. Hudson,MA, AT
    Welcome to the Sports & Physiology course at Keansburg High School!
    Be prepared to challenge yourself and explore sports medicine from an athletic trainer's perspective!
    Office Hours:
    Daily after school in the Athletic Training room until the last practice ends!
    Second Chance:
    All students are encouraged to utilize the KHS Second Chance Policy!  Please see Mrs. Hudson to set-up a time to re-try a class assignment.
    ALL course materials are available online on edmodo.com  Please see Mrs. Hudson for the course code! 


    1.      Students are expected to follow all school rules.

    2.     Respect the “Learner."

    3.     Act respectfully.



    1.      Retrieve supplies before going to your seat from the blue bin.

    2.      Read the board and begin “Do Now.”

    3.      IPPS if necessary.  "Identify Problem, Provide Solution:"  If you need supplies, (pen/pencil/ etc…) please retrieve them from the drawer and return item when class ends.



    Students are to be in class on time and on task.  Students that miss class or are late are responsible for missed work including classwork and homework.  Please see a peer for class notes and copy or digitize notes via camera.



             All assignments have a completion deadline.  Late work will be accepted at a reduced credit for a period of          1 week unless otherwise determined by the teacher and discussed with the student.


    All intellectual submission must be your own.  Plagiarism is a serious offense that will not be tolerated and will be awarded no credit and a referral to the office.  Copying on quizzes and or tests will also not be tolerated.  Any evidence of the like will be referred and awarded NO credit- including the mid-term exam and final exam.



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    Extra Credit Opportunities: 
    1. Write a personal letter to Preston Plevretes about how his story has affected you personally.
    2. 10 points on a "FUN"  ROLLING DUE DATE!   Report of Athletic Trainer activity for Professional Sport injury and commentator dialogue