• Mr. DeTalvo 
    Trailer 6
     Do Not Enter
    Supervised Study Placement
    Each student who is referred to S.S.P will review the rules with Mr. DeTalvo.  Students are expected to take advantage of the time in S.S.P. to complete all work assigned by their classroom teacher and by Mr. DeTalvo.  Once all assigned work is completed, the student will meet with Mr. DeTalvo for additional assignments.  Any student who does not cooperate will be referred to Administration for further disciplinary action.  Students who refuse to attend S.S.P. will be rescheduled and may be sent home for the remainder of the day with the possibility of additional days being added.  Participation in ANY extra-curricular activity (Game/Performance, act.) is NOT permitted during the time a student is placed in S.S.P (practice will be permitted).   More information about this can be found in the student handbook.  
    E-Mail:  cdetalvo@keansburg.k12.nj.us 
    Head Wrestling Coach
    Head Cross Country Coach 
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