• KAPA Program Level System


    Keansburg Alternate Program For Achievement  (KAPA) is a program designed to meet student’s emotional and behavioral needs, while providing a structured, yet supportive learning environment. Students will be provided with intensive Positive Behavioral Supports along with individual and group counseling. The KAPA program will be using a unique point system tailored to each student’s individual needs. This point system will encourage each student to behave appropriately and learn effectively. Students will have the opportunity to earn points for achieving goals based on their Behavior Intervention Plan.  The points will be tallied weekly in order to determine a student’s Level Status. Various privileges and rewards will be awarded to each student dependent on Level Status 

    Level 1

    Student has earned less than 59% of points.

    No special privileges- did not earn lunch in the building 

    Level 2

    Student has earned 59%-70% of points.

    Earned lunch in the building

    Earned computer time

    Earned time outside (ex. Going for a walk with staf 

    Level 3

    Student has earned over 80% of points.

    Same as level 2, plus:

    Special interest reward

    Friday lunch


    Monthly Reward

    Student has earned over 80% of point for the entire month. Monthly reward with be determined as a group.