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    Below please find apps we utilize during therapy. They are great resources for reinforcement of skills targeted during speech sessions. Feel free to use them at home with your child. Each one has a link which will take you to the app store.



    Speech Therapy for Apraxia - NACD Home Speech Therapist


    nacd  Blue Whale is offering their Speech Therapy for Apraxia iPad app for $4.99 at the app store. I find the app to be rather soothing and visually appealing as did my children. The pictures are sweet and the interface is simple. Let's look at what the app does in more detail.


    This app allows you to work with one group of phonemes at a time. /b/, /p/, and /m/ are grouped together. /d/, /n/, and /t/ are grouped together. /g/, /k/, and /h/ are grouped together. /w/ is on its own. /f/ and /v/ are grouped. /s/ and /z/ are grouped. /sh/, /ch/, and /J/ are grouped. Finally,, /l/ and /r/ are grouped. They are grouped roughly by developmental sequence and place of articulation. I particularly like the simple, just thorough enough, and easily understandable explanations on the options screens.
                                     Speech with Milo for Articulation and Language

    Speech with Milo Articulation Board Game (demo) $6.99 Speech with Milo-Verbs

    Entertain your kids with this fantastic Board Game by Speech with Milo. The common sounds offered in this app are /F/, /V/, /K/, /G/, /S/, /Z/, /CH/, /SH/. We offer initial, medial and final options for each sound. We offer more than 500 words and track student data!  

    You can purchase the following sound packs from inside the app:

    • Early Sounds Pack: initial, medial and final for /p,b,t,d,m,n/, and /h,w,y,ng/.  Over 400 different stimulus cards.  $5.99
    • /l/ sounds: initial, medial, and final.  Also /l/ blends.  150 stimulus cards. $3.99
    • /r/ sounds: initial, medial, and final.  Also /r/ blends.  over 200 stimulus cards. $5.99
    • /th/ sounds: initial, medial, and final.  Also /r/ blends.  38 stimulus cards. $2.99

    Speech with Mil Verbs

    Speech with Milo- Verbs $2.99 (demo1demo2)Speech with Milo-Verbs

    Our first app, Speech with Milo- Verbs seeks to build language skills by working on action words. Milo demonstrates 100 different verbs in this very entertaining app. We were nominated for the Mobile Premier Awards as the best in educational for Verbs. This app is very popular in schools and with SLP’s.  This app is also available on Android.

    Speech with Milo - Prepositions

    Speech with Milo- Prepositions $2.99 (demo)Speech with Milo =  Prepositons

    We learned a bit from our first app and improved our animation with Prepositions. As before, Milo demonstrates Prepositions to help the child understand the meaning. As with all of our apps, there are detailed instructions on how to use. This app is also very popular among teachers and SLP’s.


    Speech with Milo- Nouns $2.99 (demoSpeech with Milo =  Adjectives

    “Nouns” uses the iPad’s camera feature as a substitute for a mirror, while simultaneously displaying the stimulus word on the iPad. This allows the child to be a part of the stimulus word presentation. The child can practice the word displayed while watching him/herself, and the therapist can record and save a video of the child speaking. This video can be safely shared with a parent, teacher, or other service provider.


    Speech with Milo- Adjectives

    Speech with Milo- Adjectives $2.99 Speech with Milo =  Adjectives

    This app compliments Verbs and Prepositions. We are very proud of the animations, which will certainly keep your child entertained. We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response for this app. We hope you all enjoy and have fun.

    Speech with Milo - Sequencing

    Speech with Milo- Sequencing $2.99 (demo)Speech with Milo =  Sequencing

    Our most popular app at the moment is Sequencing. In this app, the child puts three cards of Milo and his new buddy Melvin in order. The child builds sequencing skills by telling what happened first, next and last. Once the cards are in place, an animation demonstrates the action. We were selected as the #2 Education and #8 overall kids app by Babble.com for sequencing.